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Why It Works

Relieving the stress and
making a painful process painless

Most claims that are $50,000 or less under the traditional model are not worth pursuing. Cold Spring Advisory Group makes your claim worth pursuing.

Traditional Average cost of an arbitration $30,000 to $50,000 and up!

  • Attorney Fee:
    $10,000 retainer (plus average hourly rate of $350 per hour)
  • Filing Fee:
    $1500 to $2500
  • Arbitration Panel:
    $800/day per panelist.
    3 panel system: $50,000+
    Cases: $2400/day
    Average 5 Day Case Total: $12,000
  • Expert Witness Fees
    $350/hour plus Travel (plane tickets $500, Hotel $300 for 3 nights)
    Total Approx: $5000
Cold Spring Advisory economics of group arbitration:
  • Cold Spring retainer fee will include cost of filing fees, arbitration panel cost, expert witness cost.
  • Attorneys work on full contingency basis with an average of 70% to client and 30% to attorney.
  • Client incurs NO other costs.