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Retired and living in Carthage, IL

Cold Spring Advisory did a great job for me. Because of health issues, my case needed to be settled quickly. In about 4 months, the entire case was settled for over 47% of my total losses. Their attorney did a excellent job and I am satisfied with what I received. I am happy to endorse Cold Spring Advisory and would highly recommend them to anyone.


Orthodontist, Jefferson City, MO

I lost nearly half a million dollars in one account - over $400,000 was in fees and commissions - and over 200,000 in another. These brokers gave the impression that they were acting in my best interest when they were really manipulating me and robbing me blind. I had no idea that I had recourse to recover these losses until I was contacted by Cold Spring Advisory Group.

Cold Spring helped me obtain my account information from these brokerages and after a complimentary analysis, determined that I had a strong and collectible case to recoup the money I lost. The senior analysts at Cold Spring presented a forensic analysis that was far more detailed than I ever imagined it would be and educated me along the way. Prior to this process, I had no idea what the terms "churning" or "markups/markdowns" even meant.

Cold Spring was very responsive to my needs and always on hand to answer every question I had. In fact, I tell everyone I speak with how great of a mission this business has. It's about time someone looks out for the "little guy."

Without hesitation, I would recommend Cold Spring for anyone who, like me, suffered losses at the hands of fraudulent brokers.