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Farmer in White Pigeon, MI

I thought I was paying just $49.95 for each trade. I didn't know about mark-ups and mark-downs. Cold Spring's free analysis showed I paid $531,662 in commissions on $536,180 in losses! I was astonished! After I lost all that money, I didn't trust anyone, so I asked my son, who is a lawyer, to look into Cold Spring Advisory. My son spoke with people at the firm and did some research, and gave me the green light to do the free consultation. Cold Spring is doing what they promised and continue to treat my wife and me with respect and understanding.


Farmer in Akron, IA

I received a postcard in the mail from Cold Spring Advisory Group. I had no idea I had any recourse to recover any of the money I lost. I took advantage of the free consultation and retained them to prepare two cases to get back the 7-figure loss I suffered.

So far, they have done everything they promised and are always available to answer my questions or talk about my case. The forensic reports and expert summary they sent me are incredible. I am confident my case will have a successful outcome because of the strong case they prepared for me.


Construction worker from Glen Head, NY

"Cold Spring Advisory is amazing. I never thought I could turn back the financial clock and get my money back. In less than six months, I received 60% of the amount I lost in a settlement. I could not be happier.