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Aegis Capital Corporation (CRD# 15007) (SEC# 8-31616, 801-71386)

Aegis Capital Corp. located at 810 7th Avenue in New York, NY has been registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) since 1984. Aegis is licensed to operate in 53 U.S. states and territories. Currently, Aegis Capital has 18 regulatory events and 1 arbitration on its FINRA BrokerCheck report. Most recently, Aegis was censured and fined $39,500 and ordered to revise its written supervisory procedures (WSPS) to ensure compliance with NASDAQ rules. NASDAQ initiated a complaint in October 2014, alleging Aegis failed to immediately display customer limit orders in NASDAQ securities. As such, when those orders were priced favorably given the national best bid or offer for the securities, those customers did not have the opportunity to take advantage of market conditions. According to the report, four months earlier in June 2014, FINRA fined Aegis $50,000 for failing to get its clients the best inter-dealer market prices, and for not executing transactions that would get its clients the most favorable prices given current market conditions. In May, 2014, FINRA fined Aegis $50,000 for failing to respond to its requests for information in a timely manner. FINRA ordered the firm to put procedures, practices and internal controls in place and conduct training to ensure it adhered to rules requiring member firms to provide information to FINRA upon request. Aegis's CEO was also required to send written certification to FINRA detailing all remedial actions taken by the firm. Aegis' BrokerCheck report lists numerous events revealing the firm's pattern and/or practice of late filing and failures to respond to requests for information from various state regulatory bodies. It also lists multiple instances where Aegis did not give its customers the opportunity to take advantage of favorable market conditions. Cold Spring Advisory is working with clients to recover their lost capital from Aegis Capital Corporation. If you or someone you know suffered losses with Aegis, please contact us today. We will analyse your Aegis account(s) for free and let you know if you have an eligible case for capital loss recovery.